Law Clerks

Law Clerks

McIntosh Sawran & Cartaya, P.A. employs law clerks during the academic year and in the summer in a structured and formal program. The firm seeks to employ between one and five law clerks in our Fort Lauderdale office. Law clerks at the firm may be exposed to all facets of the firm’s practice areas and are able to enrich their experience by attending hearings, depositions, site inspections and portions of trials. Law clerks do not work for a particular attorney in the firm; rather, they retrieve assignments from all attorneys and from any and all of our diverse practice areas.

These assignments cover all phases of the litigation process, and may include preparation of legal memoranda, dispositive motions, pleadings, deposition summaries, responses to discovery; preparation of records on appeal and portions of appellate briefs; researching critical legal issues; and keyciting appellate briefs and legal memoranda.

The Law Clerk/Summer Associate Program is mentored and supervised, and at any phase of the assignment process, law clerks may seek guidance or advice from their mentor. Mentors provide continuous feedback on work assignments.

McIntosh Sawran & Cartaya, P.A.’s Law Clerk/Summer Associate Program provides an opportunity for education far beyond any law school classroom. Those fortunate to be hired into the Program enjoy accelerated learning which may assist with their employability after graduation from law school. For more information, please email Evelyn M. Perez at


Ilana Olman
Working as a law clerk at McIntosh Sawran & Cartaya, P.A. was one of the most rewarding experiences in my legal career. It afforded me excellent practical experience, beyond the lessons taught in a law school classroom. I was fortunate to shadow seasoned attorneys in trial, depositions and hearings. The firm encourages an “open door” policy, which allowed me the opportunity to engage with the attorneys and staff, ask questions, receive invaluable feedback on my work and explore important questions, such as “what kind of attorney do I want to be” and “what practice area is right for me”. I am proud to have now been with the firm for over seven years, first as a law clerk and now as a senior associate. Through my experience as a law clerk at this firm, I was able to build a strong foundation of skills needed to begin my career as a successful attorney.