MSC and the Defense of Class Action and Complex Commercial Litigation

MSC has vast experience in the defense of class action lawsuits and commercial litigation.  For example, MSC has successfully defended national class actions for alleged violations of the Americans with Disability Act (“ADA”) by medical facilities resulting in class action settlements for compliance in a format that not only allowed for uninterrupted business operations, but also resulted in ensuring that the time frame for compliance was reasonable and that the expenses incurred in the process of effecting compliance were limited. MSC has also defended class actions against retailers and commercial business enterprises, including class actions for alleged violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”)  and the Fair and Accurate Credit Card Transaction Act (“FACTA”) which resulted in summary final judgment in favor of the defendants, an outcome which was later affirmed on appeal.  The firm has also  defended class action claims for alleged over-billing for institutional clients resulting in dismissals of those suits.  Extensive knowledge of Florida and Federal law, careful drafting of pleadings, setting forth the extant law that the courts have accepted, and detailed investigation and discovery practices have produced favorable results to MSC clients.

For more information about class actions and complex commercial litigation contact: Carmen Y. Cartaya


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